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11 Oct - HC Cleared!

Taczin a posted Sun at 23:36

And heroic Archimonde is down cool  25 wipes before we killed him, which I think is a pretty good batting average.  The secret apparently is to assign more dps to the portals but shhh, don't tell everyone else they'll all be able to do it!

Well done everyone, a very pleasing result!


A slightly belated post again, but happy to report that the raid team killed Mannoroth HC on 20/09 so now all of our progress efforts are focussed on Archimonde.

Well done everyone, and let's break that 20%+ barrier to get the last boss down quickly!

Screenshot will follow "soon" ™

15 Sep - 11/13 HC

Taczin a posted Sep 15, 15

Lihana's wife finally bit the dust and Tyrant Velhari is no more!  We're now working on Mannoroth, although we need a full team to do it so it might take a little longer.

07 Sep - 10/13 HC

Taczin a posted Sep 8, 15

I know it's been quiet again - we've had a few changes to work through - but we're back up and running again smile

Following on from the departure of some of our raiders, we've formed a raiding alliance with Envy and have been working our way back up through the heroic bosses again.  We'd hit a bit of a wall with Xhul'horac but apparently part of that was due to our tactics.  With the assistance and advice of a couple of the leavers, we got him down and now we can move on to the rest of the raid instance.  Thanks to Dikkie and Xariana for coming to give said assistance and a big shout out to all the Envy guys who helped make it happen.

We've had some creditable attempts on Tyrant Velhari tonight - first time seeing her on heroic - so just need to fine-tune those tactics and then she'll be down too, so things are going well!  (It's also very pleasing that the co-raiding seems to be working thus far so want to make sure we give credit to Envy for making this all possible.)