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15 Dec - 5/7 HC

Taczin a posted Fri at 21:00

I forgot to add the ss of the Mar'gok kill in the previous News, so here it is in all its glory!

This guy ain't normal...

Progress continued this week with a further three heroic kills, putting us to 5/7 total.
Twice as much fun!

Everything's gone fairly smoothly thus far, although Butcher proved a challenge and we had to adjust the team composition and reduce numbers to get the balance right. That should improve with time and gearing though and hopefully all the raiders will have their chance to participate!

More screenies in the thread on the forums.

14 Dec - 2/7 HC

Taczin a posted Mon at 0:05

Tonight's raid saw us finally clearing Highmaul on Normal difficulty, and then killing the second and third boss's on HC difficulty.  (We've already killed the first boss HC but guild leader has been slacking in posting updates!)

Several tries on the Butcher too - close but no cigar, so we'll be returning tomorrow to have some more attempts.

Pics will follow on Tuesday once I've had chance to sort through them and get them uploaded !

Our first venture into Highmaul, the first raid instance in WoD. We decided to try Normal mode for the first week, so that our new players could adapt to our style and so that all could get used to the huge increase in raid size (24 when we started, omg!)
Being a little out of practise I forgot to take ss's of the first couple of bosses but here are kills 3 and 4.



15/08 - WoD Planning!

Taczin a posted Aug 15, 14

As most of you now know, the release date for Warlords has now been announced to be 13/11/2014.

I am expecting the pre-patch to hit around 3-4 weeks before this so the plan now is that we will resume regular raiding at the start of October.

Please respond to the various threads on the forum, to help us prepare, so that we can hit the ground running when the new raids and raid structures arrive - thanks :)