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24/06 - And a wee update

Taczin a posted Jun 24, 14

It's been quiet for a while, I know. Heroic progress was hampered by irl issues and general fatigue. We had quite a few tries on Siegecrafter but never enough to develop a consolidated strategy. Then we had to take a raid break because a few key members were afk, and we made the decision to stop progress raiding at the end of June because it's just unfair to expect people to log on when there's little progress being made and little incentive to actually get that progress.

So that took us up to the start of June. Since then we've done odds and sods, but in the last couple of weeks we've been focussing on guild achievements - and I'm pleased to report that we now have a new mount :)

We're planning to start recruiting again soon before patch 6.0, get the new raid team used to each other before WoD arrives and then hopefully hit the ground running once the xpac finally arrives and we can start looking to the new raids. Watch the forum for discussions on recruitment needs etc and be ready to start being harassed by me & Juuel for sign-ups for the new raid rosters :)

11/03 - 11/14 HC

Taczin a posted Mar 12, 14

Those magic words - "Last try of the night" - did the trick again and Thok HC is dead!

Well done everyone - we got close a couple of times and it's great to finally see it down.

23/02 - 10/14 HC

Juuel a posted Feb 23, 14
HC Malkorok


04/02 - 9/14

Taczin a posted Feb 5, 14
Very nice progress last night when we managed to down heroic Spoils after a massive number of attempts.

HC Spoils
[amazing screenshot added by JUUEL, brave champion of drak solus]
No screenshot because the excitement caused my pc to die - we'll have to wait until it comes back from repair to see if the screenshots are recoverable.  (Very nice of the PC gods to wait until after the kill before killing my machine though!)
Well done everyone, and thanks for getting that HC boss off the list of things to do!
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