Recruitment, Progress and Streams

Whisper any officer for an invite smile


Pretty quick progress and a couple of the bosses only needed a single try, so excellent work by the guild!

Heroic progress will begin tomorrow but we're still going to continue to clear normal mode too, so that the team can gear up.

EN (N)

21 Sep - Raiding Returns

Taczin a posted Wed at 23:30

First night of the new raids, and we were there of course :)

More changes for the guild with a new tank in position, a new healer and several new dps.  There was also a range of gear levels so we hit normal mode to bed the team in, and managed 4/7 bosses on the first night's raiding.  Well done all!

14 May - 10 years old today!

Taczin a posted May 14, 16

Happy Birthday Dark Souls, 10 years old today!

19 Feb - *Tumbleweed*

Taczin a posted Feb 19, 16

Yeah, it's all gone pretty quiet but we are still here!

Progress raiding stopped at Christmas because people were feeling the pain of running the same raid instance week in, week out, hence the lack of updates.  But, in the meantime, we've been doing casual Saturday night runs to clean up some of the older raid achievements (*cough* MOUNTS *cough*) and folk are still around pugging various raid runs, levelling alts, and so on.

So yeah, it's all very low-key until Legion releases but pop in and say Hi if you're around!