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27 Jul - 8/13

Taczin a posted Jul 28, 15

After some rocky runs at the start of this reset, the raid team found their mojo and downed two new bosses!  Well done all !



14 Jul - 6/13 down

Taczin a posted Jul 14, 15

In a successful week's progress raiding, we've doubled the number of bosses down in HfC HC.  Both Hellbreach and Halls of Blood are now cleared, making our current target Iskar (who has unfriendly trash and seems a little tougher than previous bosses, but we'll get there!)


Dead Kilrogg Deadeye

07 Jul - 3/13 HC

Taczin a posted Jul 7, 15

I've been a bit lax recently and haven't kept progress updated too well but we're currently 3/13 HC and around 8/13 on normal modes, so great progress with our re-jigged team!  Dikkie is settling in as raid leader and we're using the flexibility of our raiders to ensure we have the right balance in the team - massive thanks to everyone who's stepping up to the mark and playing offspecs to maintain the balance cool

Iron Reaver HC

Hellfire High Council

28 Jun - Checking out HfC

Taczin a posted Jun 29, 15

Back to raiding after our wee break, and taking a few days to sort out the re-aligned raid team now we've lost some people.  Tonight's raid was a little less stream-lined than usual, thanks to Virgin rail, meaning that one of the tanks was delayed by over an hour. 

Bit of a tanking roll of honour tonight:

  Alex for rushing home through train delays to make the raid happen

  Bonc (and Shush) who returned from a week's holiday and also got dragged in to help

  Aznaroth and Swordswing, who dusted off their prot offspecs too

Owing to the various ups and downs, we're taking this reset to check out normal modes, but hoping to start heroic raiding at next reset.  4 bosses down in a 2-hour disrupted raid so well done everyone laughing