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27 Apr - All clear!

Taczin a posted Apr 27, 15

Blackhand heroic is dead!

In calendar time it seemed to take forever because of the current issues with lack of active raiders.  It only took us 57 attempts in total though, which is very commendable smile  I was especially pleased because it was looking like one of those fights were you just keep wiping at 8-10% forever... then suddenly it all came together and we killed it!  Nice work everyone!


Damn hunters, taking over the raid :P

10 Mar - Nearly There!

Taczin a posted Mar 10, 15

In the last couple of weeks we've made good progress in BRF and we now stand at 9/10 HC.

Also in this reset we took time out to get the guild's official kill of Blackhand normal, filling in time one evening when we lacked some key members of the raid team and thus agreed not to try progression raiding.  Blackhand heroic is now on the hit list for future resets so watch this space for more news once we down him!

Iron Maidens

Getting hot in here...

I've been a bit slack about updating this front page so here's a quick summary of what we've been up to since Gruul died -

Progress :)

As always, when I make my wildly optimistic predictions, I'm always proven amazingly wrong.  Oregorger took a little longer than we'd hoped to get down.  Eventually though, he rolled into one wall too many!

Gorged on one ore too many...

The rest have gone fairly smoothly although we've slowed a bit now we've reached Kromog :P

(More screenshots can be found on the forum - didn't want to spam the front page.)

The new raid opens in a couple of days, and we'll be concentrating on that once it's released, so this marked our last guild raid in Highmaul for a bit.

Yes, my last post was somewhat optimistic but we haven't gotten together as many mythic-capable teams as we'd like, which did slow progress on Twin Ogron a little... but guess what?  In our last official raid there, we downed them!  That puts us 2/7 Mythic progression at the end of the season - not superb but a very good showing nonetheless!  Well done everyone laughing

Mythic Twins