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19 Feb - *Tumbleweed*

Taczin a posted Feb 19, 16

Yeah, it's all gone pretty quiet but we are still here!

Progress raiding stopped at Christmas because people were feeling the pain of running the same raid instance week in, week out, hence the lack of updates.  But, in the meantime, we've been doing casual Saturday night runs to clean up some of the older raid achievements (*cough* MOUNTS *cough*) and folk are still around pugging various raid runs, levelling alts, and so on.

So yeah, it's all very low-key until Legion releases but pop in and say Hi if you're around!

Part of me thought it'd be easy and part of me was concerned we wouldn't manage it, so muy grats to the team on proving we were amazing :D

11 Oct - HC Cleared!

Taczin a posted Oct 11, 15

And heroic Archimonde is down cool  25 wipes before we killed him, which I think is a pretty good batting average.  The secret apparently is to assign more dps to the portals but shhh, don't tell everyone else they'll all be able to do it!

Well done everyone, a very pleasing result!


A slightly belated post again, but happy to report that the raid team killed Mannoroth HC on 20/09 so now all of our progress efforts are focussed on Archimonde.

Well done everyone, and let's break that 20%+ barrier to get the last boss down quickly!

Screenshot will follow "soon" ™