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11 Jan - First mythic kill

Taczin a posted Jan 11, 15

The raid tonight was short but sweet, seeing our first kill on mythic difficulty! Kargath took around 5 tries to down, very nice progress. We also had some reasonable attempts at twins so expect them to die very soon !

Epic death

Well done to everyone who took part - we surprised Poon by getting the last boss down on only the second try, so very impressive!

I'll try to remember to add screenshots by the weekend...

15 Dec - 5/7 HC

Taczin a posted Dec 19, 14

I forgot to add the ss of the Mar'gok kill in the previous News, so here it is in all its glory!

This guy ain't normal...

Progress continued this week with a further three heroic kills, putting us to 5/7 total.
Twice as much fun!

Everything's gone fairly smoothly thus far, although Butcher proved a challenge and we had to adjust the team composition and reduce numbers to get the balance right. That should improve with time and gearing though and hopefully all the raiders will have their chance to participate!

More screenies in the thread on the forums.

14 Dec - 2/7 HC

Taczin a posted Dec 15, 14

Tonight's raid saw us finally clearing Highmaul on Normal difficulty, and then killing the second and third boss's on HC difficulty.  (We've already killed the first boss HC but guild leader has been slacking in posting updates!)

Several tries on the Butcher too - close but no cigar, so we'll be returning tomorrow to have some more attempts.

Pics will follow on Tuesday once I've had chance to sort through them and get them uploaded !