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Holy Priest

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18 Oct - 7/7 HC!

Taczin a posted Sat at 10:10

EN became less of a Nightmare this week, when we killed Xavius on heroic mode putting us 7/7 for the first raid instance of the expansion - excellent progress and very well done to everyone who contributed!

We don't have the numbers or the throughput for Mythic so we'll most likely continue to run heroic modes here for a couple more weeks until the new mini-raid (Trial of Valor) releases: this is pencilled in for early November, so raiders can most likely enjoy getting Mondays off for a few more weeks at least!

11 Oct - 6/7 HC

Taczin a posted Oct 13, 16

More progress and another 2 bosses down on heroic mode!  Sadly Xavius escaped us this week but hopeful we'll kill him soon!

Heroic Dragons

(Dusk provided the screenshots: will add the rest to forum so you can admire - this was a random selection because we've lacked pictures in the News recently.)

04 Oct - 4/7 HC

Taczin a posted Oct 4, 16

We ventured into heroic raiding at the end of last reset and got the first boss down.  This week we've run normal again, to help gear some folk up, and then started hitting heroic with avengeance!  Progress has been good and we're now on 4/7 dead!

Still no screenshots to show here - apparently Tac raiding was good for screenies at the least and the rest of the raiders suck at giving me pretty pics to post up (hint hint) but very nice progress this week so well done everyone smile

Pretty quick progress and a couple of the bosses only needed a single try, so excellent work by the guild!

Heroic progress will begin tomorrow but we're still going to continue to clear normal mode too, so that the team can gear up.

EN (N)